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A 1996 Toyota Camry keyless entry remote must be programmed to your vehicle before it will work for you. Programming can only be done at a local automotive Car Locksmith or dealership with the vehicle present. There are no onboard programming instructions available for 1996 Toyota Camry remote. This keyless entry remote comes with brand new battery installed and is tested for functionality before sending. This Remote keyless entry comes with 2 buttons and if you look on the back of the unit, you may see some of these numbers: BAB237131-022 – 303 Mhz . Use these numbers to confirm that your Remote keyless entry will match this product and that it will work for your vehicle.

This CR2025 Battery will replace the old one from your 1996 Toyota Camry Remote, Please make sure you have this CR2025 number on the old battery, if you have no battery available in your remote, you may find the battery number on the back cover of your 1996 Toyota Camry Remote, Please gave us a call if you have not found any numbers on your remote.

You are able to program 2002 TOYOTA Camry Transponder Chip Key by yourself if you have one working key (or key that starts the vehicle). It will first need to be cut to match your original key at an automotive locksmith or the dealership. Once the chip key is cut, you can use the printed programming instructions that we send to make the key work for your vehicle. The instructions are very easy to understand and can be performed in less than 30 seconds. If you have lost all Transponder Chip Keys for 2002 TOYOTA Camry , you will need to contact an automotive locksmith or dealership to discuss your options.

You are able to program this 2002 TOYOTA Camry keyless entry remote by yourself using the simple programming instructions we send with the remote. They are very easy for the average customer to follow without any automotive experience. If you are having problems with programming a 2002 TOYOTA Camry , you can call our technical support line for help. This keyless entry remote comes with battery and is tested for functionality before sending.

The best way to protect your Toyota 3 Button Remote from damage – cracks or scratchs is to use the Rubber Silicone case cover, multi colors are available to match your car for your Toyota 3 Button Remote.


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