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What is a transponder key?

Transponder keys have been in use since 1994; a coded electronic transponder “chip” is embedded within the head of the key that is matched to the vehicle. This unique code needs to be verified by the electronic control unit to enable starting; all this is done in less than a second as you turn the key

Are all transponders the same?

No different technologies are uses by different manufactures and are constantly evolving. Our members are committed to keeping up with the many changes in this technology.

I have seen transponder keys for sale on the internet are they suitable for my car?

There are many different types of transponders used, just because the key looks physically the same does not mean it will program to the car. Our members have come across many instances where keys purchased from the internet could not be programmed to the vehicle. To avoid problems we recommend you purchase replacement or additional keys from the company you wish to carry out the work.

My remote control has stopped working?

Vehicles fitted with remote central locking, have a unique code that is matched to the vehicle, if batteries are not replaced as recommended and expire the remote can lose there match to the vehicle and require reprogramming. If the remote becomes no longer serviceable a new one will be required. In most cases specialist diagnostic machines are needed for this.

I have lost my keys and have been told I need to have the vehicle recovered and have all the locks replaced?

Our members can come to the vehicle and make keys to your existing locks or replace them to avoid the cost of recovery and the inconvenience.

My key is broken in two bits and I have been told it cannot be copied?

Our members are locksmiths and are able to cut a replacement key even if it is in two parts

My key will no longer unlock the door or start my car?

This could be a worn key, but as there are many reasons for this type of fault please Contact one of our members for advice.

Can A Locksmith cut a key from a number?

In many cases keys can be made by a Locksmith from the code number of a lock. This is common with vehicles, padlocks, filing cabinets, etc. Requiring proof of ownership before cutting a key by code is a standard procedure used by Security Professionals to safeguard security.

I want all of my locks on my house to take the same key, can this be done?

Yes, your locksmith can help you do this. In most cases you can keep your existing locks; you can have a locksmith code them alike. This is referred to “Keyed Alike”. An easy test to see if you’re existing locks are able to be keyed alike, is to see if the one common key will enter the cylinders (keyway) on the other locks. Generally, if one common key will enter all locks, then they can all be “Keyed Alike”. If your locks are not compatible, you may be able to use most of your locks, and need to purchase 1 or 2 to accomplish your goal. Consult with your locksmith; we can help get you on the right track, with a minimum amount of money spent.

Someone Has stolen my keys, I need to change my locks, and Do I have to buy new locks?

No. You can have your locksmith “rekey your locks. Rekeying a lock is the process of replacing the tumblers (pins, wafer tumblers) of a lock cylinder with new tumblers of different sizes. A new key will coincide with the new tumblers and the old keys will no longer work. In other words, it is not necessary to buy new locks. Re-keying locks is something that should be done if you have moved into a new residence or lost a set of keys. Most automobile locks can be Re-keyed as well. Re-keying locks is usually significantly less expensive than replacing locks.

I have a new car, It has some kind of security device built into the key, do I have to go to the dealer to get a copy?

NO. Most locksmiths can reproduce these keys. Including the latest high security vehicle keys. In nearly all cases, your locksmith will save you money over the dealer. Believe it or not, your locksmith is usually more familiar with, how these systems work, than your dealer. Also most locksmiths require that you purchase the keys from them. They do not cut keys from the internet.

And special equipment is required by the locksmith to program the keys to the car and challenge codes needed to be input into the program to make the keys work properly.

Why should I call a locksmith when I am locked out of my car?

If you’re like most people, you have a big investment in your automobile. In years gone by, almost anyone could open a locked car using only one tool. It only took a second or two.
Today however, auto makers have really tightened up the security of almost every car on the road. This means that a trained professional must have dozens of tools and techniques in order your car with no damage.

Today’s locksmith owns hundreds of dollars’ worth of tools and books on car opening. That is why he or she must charge a fair price to open your car. When you call a locksmith a trained professional responds to your call. He or she arrives in a service vehicle stocked with thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and machinery, ready for any emergency.

In many towns, the police no longer will respond to lockouts unless it is a dire emergency. The more informed police departments do not want to risk doing hundreds of dollars of damage to your car. When you call the police, a tow truck driver, or any other unskilled person to unlock your car…you risk unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

  • Police rarely have all the tools or special training needed to open your car without damage.
  • Locksmiths are trained professionals that use finesse, not force.
  • A botched car opening job can easily do $350.00 worth of damage to the inside of the door panel.
  • In a true emergency (child locked in car, etc.), call the police. Plus many locksmiths will open your car quickly, and at no charge.

What is a locksmith Association?

Locksmith Associations are organizations committed to safeguarding the trust society has placed in Security Professionals, and the Security Industry. This is pursued in a number of ways, varying from Association to Association and from State to State. Some principle ways are:

  • Accountability – through security checks, fingerprinting, background investigations, licensing, etc.
  • Training – through ongoing hands-on classes at the local, state and national levels, including Manufacturer and Distributor sponsored classes and seminars.
  • Education – through Association newsletters and National-level Journals, Books and Manuals.

What do I do If I lost my keys?

Call a locksmith. Locksmiths can generate new keys for most types of locks; this includes Autos, Motorcycle and ATV’s as well as home locks.

What is a Master Key?

A Master Key is created when a group of locks are “custom” coded so each lock uses a different key, but a combination is “added” so one key will open all locks. It is a myth that there exists a particular Master Key that will open all locks. In order to Master-key a group of locks the locks must all be made by the same manufacturer or at least have “common” Keyways. In a group of locks that are Master-keyed (MK) each lock is operable by both it’s own individual key and the Master-Key. Each individual key operates it’s own lock only. The Master-Key operates all the locks in the group. Other systems are also possible using sub-Masters, Grand-Masters, etc.

Key wont Turn in ignition? Honda, Toyota, ford

Consumer Problems with Honda High Security Keys – Two Solutions
If you drive a 2002 or newer Honda Pilot, Honda Element, Honda Odyssey or Honda Ridgeline that is out-of-warrantee, you may be in for a nasty and potentially costly surprise involving your ignition and/or door locks. In 2002 Honda switched to a High Security Key (also known as a laser key) in an attempt to get off the “Top 10 Stolen Cars” list for North America. The new key has greatly enhances the security of the car but it also created problems; problems that Honda has had a difficult time dealing with.
Since the introduction of the new key and ignition system, and continuing to today, Honda drivers have had problems with keys not turning in the ignition, keys not fitting in the ignition, keys stuck in the ignition cylinder, keys that can be removed from the ignition when the car is not in “park” and keys not fitting or opening doors. In 2012 Honda recalled nearly 1 million cars trying to fix the problem. Given the number of “Honda key problem” service calls that USA Car Locksmith receives each day, it’s pretty obvious that the recall wasn’t terribly effective.
When Your Key Won’t Start Your Honda…
While we wouldn’t wish this problem on anyone, if you have a problem with your key not turning the ignition in your Honda we hope it happens in your own garage or driveway. However, the odds are that it will happen when you are parked in a garage at work, in a parking lot at a shopping center or maybe in the lot outside a Starbucks or McDonalds where you were just stopping for a moment to grab a coffee or something to eat.
You’ll try jiggling the key, forcing it, maybe putting the car in neutral and trying, and eventually you will try turning the steering wheel in one direction. If the steering column wasn’t locked already it will be when you try that last maneuver.
So what do you do?
USA Car Locksmith – The Smarter of Two Options
Your first inclination will probably be to call the Honda dealer. Before you do that you will want to consider:
• Are they open? If they are open they can arrange to have your car towed to the dealership (which you will pay for of course) and maybe even give you a loaner car while they work on yours.
• If they are not open and you are in a lot where you can’t leave your car, where will you tow it to? Home? The next day you will have to have it towed to the dealer (doubling your towing expense) and spend more of your time explaining the problem.
• Honda doesn’t employ locksmiths. They have very competent technicians who know how to replace every piece of equipment on a Honda; and that’s what they will do with your ignition, key and door locks (because your new key will no longer fit the old door locks).
• Depending on how busy the dealer is you could be waiting another day or two before they call and tell you your car is ready.
In the end you will have to wait for a tow truck, wait a day or more for the dealer to replace the parts, pay for the tow(s), pay for new parts and pay for labor of course.
Here’s another option and we think you’ll agree it makes more sense.
At USA Car Locksmith we can do everything that the Honda dealer can and significantly more. For example:
• You can call us at 800-385-7725 at any hour of any day and our 24/7 emergency locksmith service will come to you no matter where you are in L.A. County, Orange County or the Inland Empire. There are no tow trucks involved in our scenario.
• We provide fully licensed, insured and bonded locksmiths who will remove and evaluate your ignition and determine if it can be securely repaired rather than replaced. If it can be repaired we can do it on the spot. Our vans are fully equipped locksmith workshops. With your repaired ignition reinstalled you are back in business.
• If your ignition needs to be replaced we can do that as well. We will program a new security key and then we can rekey your existing door locks to accept the new key rather than discarding them and replacing with new locks.
Our price will be significantly less than the dealer experience and our value will be significantly greater. When you call USA Car Locksmith you are back on the road in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. Think about what that time savings means in terms of convenience and security.
We are more affordable than the dealer and we are days faster in solving your problem!
Take a moment now to program our 24 hour emergency number 800-385-7725 into your cell phone!
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