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Chip Key – A Small Solution Against a Big Auto Loss Car Locksmith

Most cars these days come with standard security features to prevent theft. Unfortunately, thieves seem to be getting bolder and smarter as technology advances. Cars can be locked so that unauthorized persons can’t get in. But thieves can smash windows and gain entrance. Cars require keys to be started so that unauthorized persons can’t drive the car. But thieves have learned how to hotwire cars and drive off with them. Cars have alarms to alert nearby people to any unauthorized activity nearby. Thieves have learned how to disarm alarms. But as crafty as they may be, they’ll have a hard time getting around the chip key.


A chip key is the latest in car security technology. It comes with a chip secretly embedded into the plastic head of the key. Unless the car’s engine senses the presence of that chip, it will not start for anyone. This prevents a thief from being able to take off with your car, since it won’t start for someone trying to hotwire your car. They may be able to break in, but they won’t be able to steal your car itself. And since every chip is unique, they won’t be able to duplicate the chip’s signature and trick the system.


Just because the car you have predates this sort of security technology doesn’t mean that you can’t also have a chip key. They are available for purchase and are extremely affordable. If you’re retrofitting an older car with this technology, all you need to do is purchase a kit and take it to your dealer or even a local automotive locksmith to have it installed. It’s a simple process and it won’t take long for your car to be as secure as any of the newest cars that are out on the market right now.


Car security isn’t just important part of protecting a financial investment; it’s also an important way to maintain peace of mind. A car is a big investment, and worrying about having it stolen can take a toll on you. Better security puts you more at ease, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and convenience of your car without having to worry about what you’d do without it. That’s the best part of new security technology for cars. So whether you own a Jeep, Kia, Ford, or Dodge, you can rest easy knowing that something as small as a chip key can protect you from a big loss.


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