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USA Auto Locksmith has been serving southern California motorists for 22 years offering fast, affordable automotive locksmith services 24/7. We are automotive locksmith specialists and operate a fleet of fully equipped mobile automotive locksmith vans that can respond to anywhere in Los Angeles county, Orange county or the Inland Empire within 30 minutes. USA Auto Locksmith is fully licensed, carries liability insurance of $1,000,000 and belongs to the Associated Locksmiths of America. We’re known for our fast courteous and competitively priced emergency service but we do so much more.
You’re Not Starting Your Engine with Granddaddy’s Key
When your father was a teenager and asked his father (your granddad) for a set of his own keys to the family Ford, your granddad most likely went to the nearest hardware store and had a set made. Those days of creating a duplicate key by simply grinding out a metal blank are long gone when it comes to automotive keys.
Today’s keys are “smart” high security models and usually come attached to a multi-purpose fob. Duplicating or reprogramming these keys requires extensive training and an investment in sophisticated programs and cutting tools. Each of our vans has the tools required to service or duplicate these smart keys and fobs. We pride ourselves in having one of the largest inventories of brand name transponder, VAT, laser and remote key “blanks” in southern california. If you have something that starts with a key be it a car, truck, ATV, Motorcycle, boat or commercial vehicle we have a replacement key for you.
USA Auto Locksmith – Your Low Cost Alternative to the Car Dealer
If you’re driving a Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche or any of the high end automobiles you’ve probably been conditioned to take your vehicle to the dealer for anything and everything. If you lock yourself out and call the dealer they will tell you to have the car towed to their location and they’ll get to it when they can. If you want to get a duplicate key, the dealer will take at least a day to deliver it to you. And the dealer isn’t cheap.
At USA Auto Locksmith we come to you. We’ll get you back into your car in minutes and if you want a duplicate key we’ll have it to you in an hour or less. The dealers aren’t in the automotive locksmith business. We deliver customer convenience, quality products and services and we do it for a fraction of what a dealer will charge. The next time you need automotive locksmith services call us…not the dealer.
We are committed to maintaining our excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and professional service. Give us a call at 1800-385-7725 for emergency service or just to get a quote on one of our many services.


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For fast, affordable emergency auto locksmith service give us a call right now at 1800-385-7725. (We accept all major credit cards and cash)
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